The Zolfe Classic GTC4 is raw, racy, and a proper track day weapon to boot

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22 March 2012

where did this come from? Never heard of it before. I'm sure it's a blast to drive, it looks very familiar from some angles, but I can't quite place it. Perhaps there's elements of old school TVR in the front end....anyone else see some likenesses to other cars?

22 March 2012

[quote Autocar]

What is it?

The work of Caterham’s ex-technical director, Jez Coates, the intriguingly named Zolfe Classic GTC4 is a front-engined, rear-drive two-seater that has been designed primarily to be driven on the road. It will also, you suspect, prove indecently rapid at track days. There are no frills and there is very little in the way of luxury.

If the name – not the Zolfe Car Company or even Zolfe Cars, just Zolfe – sounds a little bit clunky, the car itself is anything but. F...Read the full article

[/quote] OOOOH!, i see a one make race series coming ,weekend toy.

Peter Cavellini.

22 March 2012

[quote curious_insider]..anyone else see some likenesses to other cars?[/quote]

When I saw the photograph,the front, I thought it was customized Porsche, made by some individual manufacturer.

22 March 2012

[quote RadeB]When I saw the photograph,the front, I thought it was customized Porsche, made by some individual manufacturer.[/quote] I See Elise in the front end and then TVR 3000M generally. As to my avatar RadeB, it's not apocalyptic, I merely forgot to remove my cycle helmet prior to a brain x-ray. The helmet is visible, my brain somewhat harder to find.




22 March 2012

Porsche bonnet, Merc 300SL front wheel arches. ubiquitious Kamm tail. It's a mish-mash of many cars. Very 1980's. The cabin roof looks too fat for the car, needs smaller driver.

22 March 2012

They're all in there somewhere- TVR, Austin Healey, Lotus, Marcos, Ginetta, well, perhaps not Austin Healey? It looks like something Ginetta/TVR would have done 30 years ago. Not necessarily a bad thing but when you go to the effort of 'designing' something, why not give it the quality of being designed?

This is more of a retrospective condensing of other brands' pasts.



I am not a robot

22 March 2012

It's a shame that so many of these small manufacturers don't put any effort into making their cars look as a good as they drive. It sounds as though this has a great chassis, but it looks so rubbish I wouldn't even consider it.

No excuse when the UK has two of the best automotive design schools in the world - get some of their students to style your car as a project, or offer a placement.

22 March 2012

[quote Leslie Brook]The helmet is visible, my brain somewhat harder to find.[/quote]


Nice smile anyway.

22 March 2012

'I got properly carried away in it at one point and found myself driving in a manner that I haven’t done for a very long time indeed on the public road'.

A flash of brilliance there from Sutcliffe. That is the whole point of such a car - I love the 80's looks myself think it's unintentionally really cool.

Bring back steel wheels.

22 March 2012

Apart from the colour and the name, I love it. Really clever to get the weight down so low.


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