City car concept shows future for urban motoring; 3cyl Ecoboost engine will make it into next Focus

These are the first pictures of the Ford Start concept, which has been unveiled at the Beijing motor show.

Don’t read too much into the styling of this neat Ford supermini; called Start, it isn’t a preview of the next Ka but instead is designed to showcase the idea of a global city car. It also acts as a demonstrator for Ford’s Ecoboost engine technology, and is fitted with a new 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine.

Claimed to have power and torque outputs comparable to a 1.6-litre four with CO2 emissions of below 100g/km, it’s a preview of a new three-cylinder engine due to be launched in the next Focus. The engine will also find its way into the Fiesta next year.

Designed at Ford’s California studio, the Start was created under the direction of Freeman Thomas, responsible for the recent Lincolns that have clearly influenced the new concept.

The car’s exterior styling includes flush-mounted detailing to cut drag as much as possible, while the roof panel unclips to create a targa-style open-top car.

Inside, the Start uses rubber floor mats with aluminium trim on the dash and door pillars.

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Ford Ka
The Ford Ka lacks the sparkle of the original model

The Ford Ka is the sister car to the Fiat 500, but is it more appealing than the funky Italian?

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22 April 2010

[quote Autocar]Don’t read too much into the styling of this neat Ford supermini[/quote]

I wish i could. It looks much better than the Ka or the Focus, and i'm not really sure i like where Ford is going with their designs. I like this though.

22 April 2010

[quote Autocar]Don’t read too much into the styling of this neat Ford supermini[/quote] I'd be much happier reading that this was how their next city car/supermini was going to look. They've captured the same sort of quirky stylishness that marked out the original Ka. I think it looks great and I particularly like the smooth shape, I'd definitely buy this look rather than an Audi A1 or the surrent Fiesta or Ka. Tell them to make it.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

22 April 2010

I agree, about the car I mean, not that stuff from Prof. Lindzen who one suspects is sufficiently old as to not have to worry about it.

22 April 2010

Really like the wraparound look of it

22 April 2010

Agree with all of you guys. IMO, this is a better design language than the current crop. For a concept, the interior looks realistic for production.

22 April 2010

This looks good, much better than anything Ford has in production. Another case of showing us "we could do something good, but were not going to".

22 April 2010

What a fantastic looking car. Dead cert for production in some form I tell you. Worry not.

Bring back steel wheels.

22 April 2010

Don't think they could build this if they wanted to, it isn't meant for production.More of a Business Card for Mr Thomas and his department.

( Clever piece of work)

22 April 2010

I love the interior. Some parts of it remind me of the RWD escorts. Steering wheel, binnacle, rubber mats. It looks really good.

The exterior is bold but not quite as nice in my opinion.

I hope the interior makes it to production relatively unchanged.

22 April 2010

If only the Aston Martin Cygnett looked like this ...


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