From £31,935
Vauxhall's flagship performance saloon takes the fight to the Germans

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The Vauxhall Insignia VXR has lofty ambitions, but can it realise them?

7 July 2009

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8 July 2009

Great value for money but what about the residuals in 3 years? Will it hold ...

8 July 2009

Considering the close relationship between the Insignia and the new Astra, I wonder if the hardware is transferable? Could make a stonking RS3 challenger?

The Insignia though has plenty of appeal and would undoubtedly be a several tens of thousands more if it had been produced by some of the other German manufacturers, but depreciation is still going to be the killer in this case, and for a lot of people, that will be the turn off.



It's all about the twisties........

8 July 2009

Absolutely right Teg! In this case for me it is about who has got the courage to buy it in the first place - I may come by in 3 years time ...

8 July 2009

taking the fight to the germans?

basically, this vehicle is an opel developed in germany. who takes the fight to whom?

8 July 2009

I was able to sit in one of these and have a poke around at one of Vauxhall's VXR tracks days which I did the other week.

Really impressed with the cabin (well made, great fit and finish) and also the detailing is very good (nice seats, juicy looking brakes and gorgeous 20 inch wheels).

Only a few things I didn't like - the estate is (IMO) an absolute minger to look at, so i'll have a hatch thanks. Also, the steering wheel is quite over-done with some nasty plastic on the rim. All in all though, a lot of car for £31k.

Don't think I would ever buy one new though. Depreciation is likely to be heavy, so probably £20k for one that's a year old? Now that is more like it.

8 July 2009

[quote Autocar]10-year run of VXR-badged performance models[/quote]

10 year run? The first VXR came out at the end of 2005 did it not?

8 July 2009

The grill looks awful

8 July 2009

Im sorry, but a current M5 or E63 owner is not going to be worrying about the Insignia VXR. Yes it might have a big engine and a fast 0-60 speed, but what about everything else? The interior is awful, you have to take it to a Vauxhall garage for servicing, enthusiasts will not look twice at it. I think it takes more than a turbocharged V6 to get your heart racing. Plus a saving of £25k over an RS6, -well id rather have an RS6 anyday.

Why does Autocar keep making such daft comparisons? You might as well compare a Focus RS to an M3! -ah wait they already have

8 July 2009

[quote tdm1]you have to take it to a Vauxhall garage for servicing, enthusiasts will not look twice at it[/quote]

Every time I take my wifes £10k Meriva to the Vauxhall dealer it's a painful experience. If, heaven forbid I lost all sense and spent £30k on a Vauxhall I'd probably be ready to top myelf come service time.

8 July 2009

Too expensive, by the time you add the wheels, leather and satnav £35k. If I was in the market with £35k in my pocket and had my heart set on a fast Vauxhall, (1) I would probably be declared insane, (2) Do I really want to spend that much money on what looks like a blinged up repmobile. (3) If I still wanted a £35K fast Vauxhall why am I not looking at the VXR8, less common, probably a hell of a lot more fun and probably be available with a big discount.


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