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Diesel 5-series offers a significant step rather than a giant leap forward

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The BMW 5-series offers a compelling blend of all-round abilities, but wants specifying carefully

16 January 2010

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24 January 2010

This car is stunning! Mercedes and Audi should be worried i think they have got it right with this one good engine too this diesel!

24 January 2010

[quote Autocar]Out on the road, the ride quality is impressive but still not exceptional despite all-new aluminium suspension[/quote] [quote Autocar]The new shape is far less distinctive than its predecessor; you might even call it bland by comparison, and it’s an impression that penetrates below the skin of the car.[/quote] [quote Autocar]For all its extra ability, I didn’t quite enjoy this 530d quite as much as the last. [/quote] [quote Autocar]it sets new standards of stability for the class but in doing so a little agility has inevitably been lost. Likewise the electric steering is admirably precise and direct, but I’d have appreciated a touch more response through its rim.[/quote] [quote Autocar]Even so, if fun is not a top priority you will appreciate the car’s smoothness, quietness and driving environment[/quote]


The ride quality is still not exceptional. But it's an executive car - doesn't that mean the ride should be top-notch?

Well, yes, but at least the trade-off is class-leading handling and driving dynamics?

Er, no. Agility is inferior compared to the previous model, and the steering sounds a bit Audi. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly OK, as long as FUN isn't a top priority.

But I thought this was the ultimate driving machine? Y'know, fun to drive?

Sorry mate. Fun's grown up. Not so much the ultimate driving machine; more the ultimate grandad's car.

24 January 2010

So is it better than the opposition or not? this sort of commenting without saying anything drives me nuts. Cut the waffle and cut to the chase, get an E class an A6 and a Jag, drive them and see whether they impress in the way you expect and where the weaknesses are. Compile thoughts and results. Report. Job done...This is too vague, now go and get that group test sorted.

24 January 2010

A class act. Looks good but will probably look great in M sport.

Best engine in class - class leading stability - tremendous gearbox - class leading performance and emissions - more comfortable - more spacious - better interior.

It may not offer the level of driver involvement of the old car, but you can be sure it will still better the opposition - and to be honest given the restrictions on our roads really don't think it matters all that much.

Bmw have moved the game on again.

Is this car loyal to "The Ultimate Driving Machine" tag? Without a doubt.

24 January 2010

It's still the class leader,others will try,some will get near,but in the end,they will all fail to beat,The Deutsche Marque,that is Bmw and what is the 5 series..

24 January 2010

[quote DarrenIRL]It's still the class leader,others will try,some will get near,but in the end,they will all fail to beat[/quote]

It's a shame that one will probably cost around 90,000 euro in Ireland

24 January 2010

I'm sorry - that is the most boring design in the world - why don't BMW employ people to work on the design instead of just the dynamics. Its just a sort of blend into the background saloon shape. You spend all that money you want somthing that at least looks a little fancy.

And as always, its a BMW, so it'll ride far too hard, because after all... Thats "Sporty".....

24 January 2010

Andrew Frankel,

Despite some comments to the contrary I found your reveiw balanced and informative. In fact I rate you above Clarkson especially in the Sunday Times as I can always rely on your reveiws.

Yes Clarkson makes me laugh but he does take the biscuit sometimes when a two page reveiw has been known to have only one paragraph about the car !

As for this BMW it looks like the company car drivers dream. But as mentioned above the crucial test will be lining it up against a Merc and Jag but I am sure that will happen soon and I look forward to reading that test. Hope you will be the one to write it up.

24 January 2010

It's interesting how this piece was written. It praises the car for what it is and what it achieved, yet, there's just enough negatives to give the Jag the top spot when it comes to the crunch.

We all know that the outcome is predetermined, why don't you just say it?

The new Seven received the same rave reviews after it's first drive. Then, it was trounced with the first road test. Everything that was good in the first drive was awful in the road test just so you don't have to put it above the S class.

Change your mags name to 'Auto colomist'. Then nobody expect you to be objective.

24 January 2010

[quote Autocar]

It will only get you to 62mph 0.3sec quicker, but return just 33.2mpg instead of the 530d’s outstanding 44.8mpg (45.6mpg with the auto).[/quote]

Further reasons to quit messing about with a foot-operated clutch and a movable gear selector.

A bit frustrated by this test. Aside from the fact the new 5 is described in complete isolation from its peer group, presumably at the behest of BMW, we hear that

- it's a touch bland

- the ride quality is still not what's expected

- it's less agile, less responsive

- there's less fun on offer

- we probably won't enjoy driving it as much

and while BMW groupies rarely need convincing, it doesn't quite meet the expectations of the introductory paragraph ("strong contender for being the best car in the real world") because from the evidence presented thus far it plainly isn't the best car in the real world.


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