New Micra saloon planned for 2011; new MPV for 2012 will replace the Note

More details have emerged of the new compact saloon and MPV that will be spun off the new Nissan Micra's small-car platform.

Labelled the ‘V’ platform - for versatility – its design makes it easier to adapt the structure for different body styles – this new building block will eventually generate production of a million vehicles annually, predicts Nissan.

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First to come is the small, four-door saloon in 2011, conceived mainly for sale in Asia, although it may make it to the UK despite the limited popularity of small, three-box models.

But the MPV that follows in 2012 will definitely be coming here. Likely to replace the successful Note, insiders suggest that it will be more compact while providing similar interior space, a benefit of the V platform’s improved space efficiency which part-stems from a more compactly packaged fuel tank and a pedal-box located closer to the car’s nose.

Richard Bremner

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Nissan Micra
Its ambition is to be a world player, so will it show world-class ability?

The Nissan Micra is a supermini offering low running costs but in most other areas is below the class average

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23 September 2010

Could a micra saloon be the miracle nissan needs to make the UK model interesting/popular?

If they can sell it cheaper than the hatch i think yes. As then even if it's still dull, it's pricing will draw new attention.

23 September 2010

Does the motoring world really need more variants of this bland, boring little box on wheels?

23 September 2010

[quote weenedonpetrol]Does the motoring world really need more variants of this bland, boring little box on wheels?[/quote] Look, I appreciate that all Audis look the same, but...oh, sorry - you're talking about a Nissan.

23 September 2010

Seems such a pity, this new "V" chassis. The last Micra, as far as I can remember, sat on a shortened version of the current Clio chassis. Whilst the previous Micra was not on par with the omnipresent Fiesta in the handling department, it was praised as having a relatively involving drive for a completely non-cooking car (I believe this was Autocar's verdict of the 1.2SX model), with a strong powerplant in the form of the 1.2 80bhp (0-60 in around 10 secs).

The new Micra has got another capable powerplant with the new 3 cylinder engine and has much needed rear cabin space (leading to a rather weird roofline on side profile pics), but much of the capable handling of the current Micra seems to have been lost in the process. Obviously the styling has been poorly done with many suggesting that the previous design is more modern looking than the new one, which looks worse than any of the current Korean offerings and looks like it could have come from the Perouda factory... in 1998. It would be a shame to see the current Note (which, being on an extended Micra chassis, handles also quite well for a mini mpv) also be tarnished by this new chassis.

I had owned a previous model Micra, and was happy with its solid build quality, space up front, practicality, good performance, handling and low running costs (it was cheap, cheerful and relatively fun) and had been quite keenly awaiting reviews of the new Micra - its engine certainly sounded good. But with its uninspired styling, hopeless handling, soggy ride and a cheap trim, I think I'll pass. The Juke is a little better, but with such a heavy body, you would need the more powerful 1.5 diesel or the turbo 1.6 for reasonable performance but, due to the larger engines, the Juke would have higher fuel costs. As for a Micra saloon - why bother for the UK market?! Especially if Renault are seeking to launch Dacia - it would bring un-needed competition in a non-existent market for small budget saloons.

As there is product sharing between Renault and Nissan, why not use the compact old Clio chassis? Its still featured in the Twingo and Wind, and would probably be more capable for handling than the V.

23 September 2010

The new Micra is a wonderful little car, the technology they are using in it is amazing it makes cars like the Audi A1 look obsolete. Its a massive step forwards from the old model and looks stunning, instant class leader. A saloon variant would be hugely popular in the UK, particularly as it won't have a diesel engine and small saloons have always been a massive success here... * Post may contain some sarcasm *

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