Sebastian Vettel will drive his special Infinit FX at the Goodwood festival of Speed

Sebastian Vettel will drive his special edition Infiniti FX at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend. The new model will cost in excess of £100,000, Autocar can reveal.

Just 50 units will be making it to Europe, and the UK application will be decided once expressions of interest has been received. So far, Infiniti has eight confirmed orders from European customers, nine including Vettel himself who will be getting the first example off the production line.

The Vettel FX50 S will enter production in October and reach customers in early 2013. It will stay true to the concept shown at the Frankfurt motor show last year, the only change being a switch from matt white paint to pearlescent white paint.

That means power will come from a 414bhp 5.0-litre V8 that’s enough to power the car all the way up to its 186mph top speed.

Vettel himself has been involved in the development, and is believed to have specified its sporty chassis settings. His Red Bull Racing Formula One team designed the carbonfibre bodykit, which is claimed to actually produce downforce and help lower drag by five per cent.

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9 May 2012

well i would rather he had a hand in the design than Mrs Beckham, but overall i think it would be better to let car designers design cars, racing drivers race, and Ex pop singers marry Footballers

16 January 2013

Hmm, I never thought about it that way. I do see your point but I feel several will disagree tempurpedic complaints

9 May 2012

Very cynical, but I agree that it's better than the £80k VB edition Evoque.

9 May 2012

Another positive contribution to the world of motoring ... not!

9 May 2012

Novelty toy. Not where my hundred grand would go.

9 May 2012

[quote Mario B]Not where my hundred grand would go.[/quote]

Not really intended to sell in any quantity, just to get people talking about Infiniti.

9 May 2012

[quote vinylnutter]just to get people talking about Infiniti[/quote]

Come on guys! Let's not give them the satisfaction!

10 May 2012

[quote Fidji]Come on guys! Let's not give them the satisfaction! [/quote]

Was sorely tempted to do exactly what you suggested, but then it occurred to me that Vettel may be thinking of his career after F1 - I mean we already have truck racing, pickup racing, even banger racing with caravans, but as far as I am aware there is not currently any SUV championship!

After all if Vettel hit his teammate in an SUV it may not be the end of his race, and they may even get MS, Prost and others to participate (sadly Senna is not around to take part).

Maybe I should get busy on a formula for Cayenne Turbos, X6M's, AMG GE Mercs, Infinitis, Range Rover Sports - I am sure Lexus could provide something suitable, and maybe from Toyota a Landcuiser turbo; the list is endless.

Only downside is who would want to watch it!

10 May 2012

Hate to say this but the VB Evoque beats that elephant with a plastic chin!!

10 May 2012

"power will come from a 414bhp 5.0-litre V8 that’s enough to power the car all the way up to its 186mph top speed"

Thank the lord for that - I for one am absolutely fed up with cars that don't have enough power to reach their top speed.


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