Overall Winner 2022

THE MOST SUCCESSFUL car firms this decade will be those that can hunt down the new opportunities offered by the pressing need to recycle. It’s therefore a measure of how highly regarded Alison Jones is held within Stellantis that she has been given this responsibility for the 14-brand organisation.

Her promotion in May to oversee Stellantis’s ‘circular economy’ strategy is her first global position at the firm after a stellar period guiding first the PSA Group brands in the UK and then the combined Stellantis brands from 2021.With her new title of senior vice-president, she reports to Philippe de Rovira, one of Stellantis’s top executive team, and takes responsibility for working out how to generate revenues of €2bn by 2030 from extending the life of vehicles and then finding value in their parts when they’re finally scrapped.

In announcing Jones’s posting, Stellantis praised her “great leadership style, robust business knowledge, continuous commitment on transformational topics and strategic vision”.Jones built up that vision over nearly 20 years working for the Volkswagen Group, leaving in 2019 as UK head of the Volkswagen brand. In successfully navigating the UK car market, she has followed her fellow Stellantis executive Linda Jackson – now head of the Peugeot brand globally and celebrated in our Hall of Fame – in earning herself a globally significant position.