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How to enter

Describe, in no more than 1000 words an idea or innovation that would improve the UK automotive business...

The idea should fall into one of five categories – Mobility, Connectivity, Sustainability, Customer Experience, or Marketing and Communications – and it could focus on any area of the automotive business, from concept through to the sales showroom, car ownership and the aftermarket.

You will need to describe how your idea or innovation fits into the context of the industry and delivers a competitive advantage. You will also need to demonstrate how your idea could be put into action and the advantages it would bring; the customer/client needs it meets, its feasibility both technically and commercially, and the viability of its implementation. You can upload supporting images portraying the development of your idea – early sketches, renderings, initial prototype images and so on.  




Design/Engineering that improves or enhances vehicle performance 

Systems/Approaches that will aid transport and infrastructure 



Ideas that draw on the connected vehicle and the opportunities this brings 

Improvements to the sales process 

Ideas that improve safety through better awareness



Ideas that help UK (and world) reduce emissions from automotive and reach low carbon targets 

Ideas that enable individuals to reduce carbon footprint whilst using vehicular transport to get from A to B


Customer Experience

Ways of improving the ownership experience, sales process or aftermarket


Marketing & communications

Marketing/communications ideas that help launch new products, extend the product cycle, help manage demand, shift value perceptions, simplify the customer journey, build dealer support, or help consumers make more responsible choices.

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