I’ve just spend a frustrating morning at Volvo Cars West London in Chiswick getting my XC60 serviced.

The dealership – which describes itself as Volvo UK’s flagship - had worked on my car before, but I’d used its pick up and return service. It was excellent – although on that occasion they knew it was an Autocar-run car.

Volvo West London

This time I wanted to visit in person, to see if the experience would be the same. When I booked over the phone, the lady told me I could wait while the job was done, saying the work would take about an hour.

Yet I hadn’t even stepped from my car when an employee marched up to the window looking harassed. I explained why I was there, but there was no greeting, no offer of help. “You’ll have a long wait, they’re just about to begin a break,” she said. “Park over there.” And off she walked.

I walked in to the showroom. The lady on reception was charming and led me straight to the service desks, one of which was manned. It was about four paces between the two areas, yet the man on the service desk still found time to pick up his phone and then ignore me.

After a few moments he was kind enough to apologise, explain he was on hold and then go back to the phone. A moment later he asked someone to find someone else to help me.