Car journalism is often about extremes, and I hit a new high recently whilst wedged into the passenger seat of a Caparo T1.

We know that this is quick. You don’t need to be told that. But the experience of being in one on the roads around Silverstone is not something I, nor the driver of the Renault Clio we overtook, will ever forget.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and being as the car’s driver was clearly adept at the task in hand I also was never anything approaching frightened.

But a ride in the car has solidified my reservations about the Caparo being available to anyone with enough money.

Though those behind the car maintain that it’s easy to drive, and also offer training to buyers, I for one don’t want to see what could happen to a lottery winner and other surrounding road users after said lucky gambler has headed off for a Sunday drive with next to no prior experience of performance cars.

Still, I stepped out of the Caparo with a case of adrenaline shakes that just about rivalled the state I was in after an hour of stunt flying in a Pitts Special.