Last night I drove home in the Twingo Renaultsport, and returned to the office this morning as a convert. If there’s a purer, old-school hot hatch experience, I’ve yet to find it.

The hottest Twingo has it all – from a ride that delivers body control at the expense of shaking fillings loose, to near-comical under-gearing: how does 4000rpm at just over 70mph sound?

The Twingo also proves that Renault’s in-house Renaultsport ‘skunkworks’ are the best hatch-fettlers around at the moment. The same magic that makes the Megane and Clio versions so great to drive hard has been successfully downsized into the Twingo. The last car I can remember that delivered anything close in such a dinky package was the much lamented VW Lupo GTI.

Like the hottest Lupo, the RS Twingo has a visual rightness to it. A bodykit this chunky can look preposterous on something so small, yet the Twingo manages just the right balance visual balance between tough and sweet – like a really angry puppy.