A month ago I met a man who, next spring, will become one of the first owners of the new Lotus Evora. He was a textbook illustration of the reason why driver’s cars like this sell so well in Britain.

He was old and wise enough to have matured beyond such excitements, yet still buzzing with furtive enthusiasm about his purchase; very well informed about what he was getting, and still eager to find out as much more as he could. He was all too aware about the trials and tribulations that ownership of a British sports car can bring, but confident that things would be different this time around. Which meant that he was a joy to talk to.

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There must be thousands like him up and down the country, many of whom will have already ordered an Evora, and many more of whom will go on to. So it’s great to be able to report that – having become the first journalist in the world to have ridden in the car last week – they will be taking delivery of what I can only describe as a very promising package.

I should couch what I’m about to say with the caveat that I only sampled the car from the passenger seat. I have no idea, therefore, about what the steering feels like, or whether the pedal positioning, brake feel or throttle response is quite up to scratch. So don’t consider this any kind of a verdict; that will come in March, when we drive the car.