Over the last week I’ve actually spent several nights driving to various homes in a Citroën Berlingo.

011850100_1213694177 This is because I’ve spent most of the past seven days moving house, and it would be hard to think of a more appropriate workhorse to help me out than the Berlingo.

Among the loads it has carried for me have been two double mattresses (at a squeeze), an unfeasibly large fish tank and more packing crates than you’d have thought possible.

It also played the role of airport taxi for my girlfriend’s mother, and considering its cargo van alter ego, the fact that she was genuinely impressed by the comfort on offer should rank as a triumph for the humble van/MPV.

It’s not perfect though. The huge rear hatch is as awkward in a tight space as the sliding rear doors are convenient. The rear seats are also a real fiddle to remove completely, which is annoying when the rest of the car is so cleverly packaged.

Still, if I had to move every week (which I am sincerely glad I don’t), I’d use a Berlingo every time.


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