If you drive a car that's less than 15 years old, you'll have forgotten all about cold start problems. It still isn't good to thrash anything from the off, but coughing and spluttering your way to work in the morning has been banished by electronic fuel systems, clever ECUs, better lubricants and engine materials that get up to temperature much quicker.

Or so I thought. I've just spent the weekend in the new BMW M3. It was brilliant in lots of ways, apart from the first few minutes on an autumnal morning, when it reminded me of the sort of stuff I used to drive as a teenager.

Thankfully, I can't find anything else that the new M3 has in common with a 1983 Cavalier S; news that, without doing any harm to the Vauxhall's reputation, will make welcome reading for anyone who's about to take delivery of one.

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