Hats off to Lamborghini’s charismatic boss Stephan Winklemann for talking sense – at last – when it comes to abandoning the pursuit of power and top speed.

But please Mr Winklemann, can you tell your PR team to stop issuing these tedious, slightly childish, largely irrelevant teaser pictures in the run up to every key motor show?

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The latest one, sent out to the world’s press just a couple of days ago, shows what appears to be the engine cover for the new Batmobile; why else would it feature black and red paint? We have surmised on this website that it may be part of a concept that might eventually become the new Murcielago, which is a fair enough punt to make.

But if it actually is an engine cover, the fact that there are 10 holes in it would suggest that it is not a piece of the new Murcielago – which will have 12 cylinders – but instead part of the new Gallardo replacement – which of course has 10 cylinders.

Either way, this whole business of releasing moodily lit photos of bits of your forthcoming design concepts has become a teeny bit predictable of late. Maybe some kind of competition involving an anagram of the car’s new name might be more inviting.