image1059360323.jpgHaving to sit next to Kris Meeke as he races through the stages of this year's IRC is perhaps not everybody's idea of a perfect job.

However, for Paul Nagle it is more than a job.

Paul, who is not a professional co-driver, joined Kris in the hot seat at the start of the Peugeot UK programme in 2009.

When he is not calling the pace notes for Kris, Paul can be found in his full-time job with an electricity company in Ireland.

He has a very understanding boss who allows him time off and his holidays to compete in the rallies. So, for Paul, life is either rallying or work.

He keeps fit between rallies by doing a lot of walking and running, as keeping a good fitness level helps keep him sharp. With temperatures inside the car in to the high 60s, like in Madeira, fitness is important.

On rallies we have a doctor with the team who helps Kris and Paul eat the right foods, but away from the team Paul is also careful that he maintains a healthy diet.

On a rally the fans always see the driver, but the co-driver has alot of tasks to complete even before the rally starts.