For some reason the E28 M5 has decided not to start. It will therefore be shipped off to the garage next week. Better news for the Volvo 850 wagon and Peugeot 205 XS (combined value: very little indeed), they’ve both passed their MOTs. The bad news being that the bill isn’t far short of that combined value figure. Why is it I always stump the cash to get these things sorted, then decide to debate when an old car needs to be left to die?

The silver 3.2 Carrera is in storage: rather hope to keep it because they are good news just now. The tax man may have different plans. That leaves the brilliant new BMW M3 – about which you will have seen the video, and will soon read in the mag - and the green project 911 that continues to fascinate me. It now has over 310bhp, weighs just under 1000kg and revs to 7000rpm. A video will follow in the next few weeks.

The Mercedes W124 E320 Cabrio is about to go into hibernation for the winter (I have barely used the thing this year and suspect it might fall first in the annual Spring purge) and the dog has found a new home in the boot of the Defender.

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