A weekend driving a Honda Civic Type-R is an unusual experience, particularly if your everyday transport is an automatic diesel Land Rover Freelander. The engines, though both superb, are about as far divorced from each other in terms of power delivery as it's possible to get.

I loved the Civic's spread of power and the thrilling urge above 6000rpm. The seats were also superbly comfortable - why give them adjustable lumbar support if you've got it right first time?

The thing that really got to me, though, was the ride. Yes, I'm used what's probably one of the top five most easy-riding cars currently in production, but the the rear end on the Honda is something else. How is it possible to build a sporty car built in 2007 that lacks independent rear suspension? On welsh roads, the smoothest in the UK, or on the motorway, this car is a dream, a real thriller, but drive it on B roads through Sussex and Kent, and you'll end up shaken not stirred!