If you want to judge a popularity contest at a motor show, a quick wander in the final hour of the day is usually instructive. The crowds have thinned, and only the seriously interested remain.

Here at the Goodwood Festival of Speed's Moving Motor Show there was only one winner - and it's about as far removed from the event's upmarket overtones as you can image. Take a bow Dacia.

Every Duster on show was being pored over, every one available to drive being driven. I stuck my head in one to eavesdrop on a couple giving a car the once-over (apologies if they happen to read this – I'm not the stalker you feared).

Their reaction was telling. He'd read about the car in this week's Autocar, she was looking for reasons to talk him out of an impending purchase. I stood for ten minutes as she ran her fingers over every surface, from dash to door seals, and as time went on her mood changed. By the end, she was practically signing the deposit cheque for him.

Make no mistake, the Duster is still a £9k car – there's no magic in the offering. But you do get an awful lot for your money, and that's a message that seems to be resonating with a lot of potential buyers here in West Sussex.