That Michael Schumacher's a boy, isn't he?

Hasn't been back behind the wheel of an old F1 Ferrari for five minutes before Maranello is using its cuddly new FOTA relationship with all the other teams to ask whether the poor old lad ­ - hell, he is 40 after all ­ - can be given special dispensation to drive one of the new F60s for a single day in order to give himself a decent warm-up for the European Grand Prix at Valencia on 23 August.

The rules, of course, say that you can't test during the F1 season. Ferrari is, in effect, saying that these are 'exceptional circumstances' - to which I can hear several other teams saying 'You're damn right these are special circumstances! You're proposing to sub Massa with a seven times world champion? And now you want him to have extra testing? On yer bike!'

As I write these words it seems as though the FOTA teams are supporting Ferrari's request that F1's answer to Lance Armstrong be given a bit of extra help.

I mean, does he need it? My answer to that is 'Don't be so damn stupid, of course he doesn't.'

If I was Williams I would be asking the FIA if Nico Rosberg could have two days' extra testing because it's not fair that Schumacher is having one!

I agree with Mark Webber on all this. Schuey will be a shoe-in and he will win a race before he has to hand back the car to Felipe. One day's extra testing, or none at all.

And as Niki Lauda said, 'Michael coming back is the most fabulous thing that's happened in F1 this season.'

Steady boys!

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