Andy Priaulx wears the relaxed air of a man who is content with his life. Which is hardly surprising considering he’s celebrating ten fruitful years as a factory BMW racing driver.

After winning all there was to win at the World Touring Car Championship, this year he’s embarking on a new challenge as part of the Munich manufacturer’s DTM assault.

Priaulx and I are shooting the breeze as we sit in a gunmetal grey BMW M5 in the world’s most expensive traffic jam on the driveway of Lord March’s Goodwood House.

Somewhere up ahead we hear the piercing shriek of a Lamborghini V12-engined Lotus F1 car as it storms off the start line of Goodwood’s hillclimb. A Jaguar XJR9 Le Mans racer prowls past to join the back of our queue, followed by a pristine Lotus Cortina. An unidentified single-seater dribbles unctuous fluid onto Lord March’s asphalt like a semi-conscious drunk on the last Tube train home.

It is the press day for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival events, and Priaulx’s about to agitate the bacon sandwich I had for breakfast by hooning up the hill in our M5. While we wait, I have time to quiz him on the season ahead, in which BMW will enter a high-stakes battle with arch-rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz.