The stunning news which broke on Friday morning heralding the imminent plans for Sky TV and the BBC to share the television coverage of the F1 world championship between them from 2012 through to 2018 was met with an understandable mix of abject disbelief and intense irritation.

Yet with the BBC facing overwhelming pressure to rein-in spiralling costs, it quickly became very clear that the only way to retain the Beeb’s participation in F1 coverage was to enter a sharing arrangement with the Murdoch empire.

Quite how this new arrangement will pan out in detail remains unclear. What does seem obvious, and extremely surprising, however, is the fact that the teams knew nothing of this deal prior to its announcement and were "seeking clarification" about  the deal in the paddock of the Hungaroring.

I may have turned over a couple of pages of this script at once, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking it’s all a bit strange that the competitors – who are signatories of the Concorde Agreement, after all – should be left in the dark while commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone did the deal without consulting them.

However, by the end of the Hungarian grand prix weekend it seemed that the teams were coming round to Ecclestone’s viewpoint, a process lubricated by promises of more money coming their way in terms of commercial rights revenue.