German police have launched an investigation into reports that Michael Schumacher took over the wheel of a German taxi and drove at breakneck speeds to catch a flight. Have they got nothing better to do?

Local law enforcers told Bild newspaper: “That was an offence against transport laws. We will have a hearing with the taxi driver to resolve the matter." Get a life.

That said, the story makes me like Schumacher a lot more. It helps me forget his Damon Hill ramming days. Easier since he’s now retired from beating the Brits in F1.

Now I can admire his astonishing time-topping performance in F1 testing last month, and his rapid run on a MotoGP Ducati in Catalunya (see video below). And he was on it again yesterday, finishing second overall in London’s Race of Champions. Sheer class.

After impressing Wembley stadium, Schuey shrugged off the taxi story. “If I remember my years of professional motorsport, all the things I’ve done, that to make out of a flea an elephant here… You just have to laugh about it”, he said. Quite right.

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