For a couple of years now going onto a Subaru stand at a motorshow has been a miserable experience.

Design flair, technical innovation and quality enhancements were what other Japanese car companies were striving for it seemed.

More pics: Subaru Gullwing

Of course, Subaru is experiencing just as much pain as other Japanese companies and it’s a minnow alongside Toyota or Honda.

But it was a pleasure stepping onto the Subaru stand at the Tokyo show and seeing something like the Hybrid Tourer concept.  Finally, here’s a Scooby that looks good and moves the game on from the dreary-looking Impreza and recently-launched but mediocre Legacy.

The best news of all is that while those extravagant gullwing doors won’t be making it into production (no surprise there then) the concept is likely to influence a production car, with hybrid power, and the look of the next generation Subarus.

After all, the company has some great strengths and we know it’s capable of engineering great cars, like it’s done in the past. I’d just like it to get its mojo back.