Granted, the Morgan Threewheeler looks like it arrived on the Geneva show floor via a time portal from the 1930s, but this funky-retro motorised trike made me smile like nothing else at the show.

Basically it’s an updated version of the company’s similar-looking Edwardian models. But with a 115bhp V-twin motorbike engine – and a kerbweight of just 500kg – it should be properly quick. It will certainly be fun attempting to match Morgan’s claimed 4.5-second 0-62mph time when we get to have a go. Front disk brakes are a welcome innovation too – as is a five-speed gearbox.

And I reckon Morgan might be onto something here. Look at it one way and it’s certainly true that £30K is a fair amount to spend on a roofless toy – although Morgan’s residuals are among the sturdiest in the business. But can you think of a vehicle that would earn its driver more attention for even twice that budget? And presuming the chassis has been set-up with a degree of sympathetic tolerance, the relative surfeit of power over driven wheels should mean it’s possible to have some slidey fun at sane speeds.

Motorshows – by their very nature – take themselves enormously seriously. The Morgan is a reminder that they should always also possess a sense of fun.