If you think what Lotus is trying to do with its road cars is ambitious, you might raise the other eyebrow at its motorsport plans.

Surprisingly, its launch of six new racers in six different race categories, including F1, at the Autosport International did not have the shock and awe – or celebrity - factor of its Paris motor show road car launch, despite a similar number of models being launched.

Instead the firm had an air of confidence about it and offered rational thinking, with each speaker from the various race programmes offering clarity of thought and confidence in their delivery.

Lotus has gone about things differently with its motorsport operation, quietly assembling an experienced team headed by the respected ex-Fiat Group racing chief Claudio Berro and aligning itself with some partners with real pedigree.

There is a clear goal with each racing operation. “With Indycar we want to build our own chassis and engine,” Berro says, “and ultimately win the Indy 500.” With GT racing, it is about showcasing Lotus “as a technological force against Ferrari, Porsche and Corvette, like we did with Colin Chapman in the past”.