You now need a second hand to start counting how many different versions of the DC100 concept Land Rover has shown at various motor shows around the world in the last six months.

So you'd think a city as trendy as New York would be the perfect place to show a more stylised and fashion conscious version of the so far well received DC100 concept.

Instead, New York showgoers will be shown the most rugged version of the DC100 yet, one that Land Rover wants people to imagine performing on the banks of the Amazon than posing around Times Square.

While the DC100's world tour has brought with it overwhelmingly positive feedback on the looks, those same people are doubting just how capable the DC100 in its present state would be off road.

The elephant in the room for the DC100 has always been the Defender, the very car it is destined to replace. Just how can this 4x4, let alone one as stylish as the DC100, be as good off road as the Defender?

Land Rover knows that it must start pushing the fact that a car as good looking as the DC100 can perform off road, hence the addition of a bull bar, snorkel and more disposable-looking exterior trim to the New York 'Expedition'  DC100 concept.

Do the changes make the DC100 look capable of matching a Defender through the mud? Please have your say below, but I felt one New York resident I showed the DC100 to today summed it up rather well.

"I'm sure the DC100 could do what the Defender does off road and do it even better, but I like the lo-tech appeal of the original."

Land Rover is only at the start of the process of replacing its chief icon. After Beijing at the end of the month, it's unlikely we'll see another DC100 for some time as the project evolves to its next step.

Quite what form it is in when it reappears is the $64,000 question.