A design revolution is underway at Audi – and not before time I say.

For too long, the cars have looked just too similar. Take the badges off and at a first glance can you tell your A7 Sportback from an A6? Or an A5 Sportback from an A4? A Q3 from a Q5? A gold star if you can.

Audi’s new look will be inspired by the Prologue concept, unveiled at the Los Angeles motor showUp first for the new look will be the new A8 in late 2016. Fortunately for Audi, the show car looks great, but the fact it looks different to what’s gone before is more important to me. 

Audi’s new design chief Marc Lichte agreed that the time is right for a new look, but said there was justifiable logic in keeping the old 'cookie cutter' look for so long.