Peugeot had a good day a few weeks ago. First it bought Vauxhall and Opel – assuming you think them worth having, and I guess Peugeot’s owner, PSA Group, does, given that it has just paid €2.2 billion for them – and then the 3008 became the Car of the Year for 2017.

The Car of the Year (CotY) shindig is the result of votes from 58 jurors, all senior European motoring hacks (I’m one of them and this august publication is one of seven sponsoring titles), who vote every March for what they reckon is the best new car launched in the preceding 12 months.

A longlist of all eligible cars is published around October and that is reduced to a shortlist of seven at the turn of the year. The cars are then tested back to back. Most jurors do that in France, but UK jurors opt to drive them on British roads. Silverstone circuit kindly finds us space for the cars and somewhere to have an argument about which of the seven is the best.

Then we all go off and vote how we want, and the winner is announced on the eve of the Geneva motor show.

The way the scoring works is a little complicated. One UK-based PR executive said he tells his Japanese bosses that it’s a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest.