Saw an intriguing advert on Pistonheads this week for a brand new, unregistered BMW 1-series M Coupe – which appears to be the exact spitting image of the car currently being run by yours truly on Autocar’s long term fleet.

It has all the options you’d ever want and is painted in Valencia orange, just as ours is, and it’ll be ready for delivery ‘at the end of November/beginning of December’ according to the vendor, one Mr Steve Nash, from Essex.

What’s most intriguing about the advert is the price, which is quoted at £51,000. Given that a basic 1M costs £40k and there would appear to be about £5k of options fitted, this means Mr Nash is expecting to mark his car up by almost 15 per cent. Which isn’t a bad return for a car that wears a BMW 1-series badge, no matter how much extra muscle it may contain within its deliciously blistered wheelarches.

So I called BMW GB to find out a) whether all of the 450 1Ms due to be sold in the UK had actually been sold, b) to establish whether Mr Nash was a touch deluded in his ambitions or not, and c) to ask whether they (BMW GB) regret not charging more for the car if, indeed, this is its market value.

The answers were – yes, it’s sold out; no, he’s not deluded (not at all, in fact); and "no comment" regards the ‘should we have charged more for it?’ quandary.