Sometimes, amid the doom and gloom of our melting ice caps, doom-laden tabloid headlines and the malaise of humanity in general, we should take time to examine the evidence – and realise that not every member of society is hell-bent on ruining everything. Some folks are making good progress extracting us from the mire.

Take Ratan Tata. Not only has he stepped forward and saved Jaguar from near-certain death, but more recently he’s signed up and handed over several zillion rupees to help develop a car that really could make a difference. And I’m not talking about the recently launched Tata Nano.

I'm talking about something altogether more radical called the OneCAT – a three seater fibreglass car that weighs 350kg, runs on air, will cost around £2500, and can travel 200 miles for just £1.

When I heard about the OneCAT, which is being developed by French company Moteur Development International thanks largely to funding from Tata, I wondered whether the date wasn’t April the 1st. Yet the more you learn about the OneCAT, the more it makes sense.