Hot hatches are everywhere at the Geneva motor show, but two are of particular note. While you can probably guess what to expect from the likes of the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Audi S3 Sportback, new territory is being explored with the Mercedes A45 AMG and Kia Cee'd GT.

With the A45, Mercedes' AMG offshoot is making its smallest car ever. Best known for super-saloons and coupes like the C63 and E63, AMG has diversified before, with mixed results. The R-class AMG is one of those diversifications best consigned to the history books.

But in making the Mercedes A45 AMG, there's no whiff of it being made just to have 'an AMG version of everything' in the Mercedes range. AMG has gone out and created the world's hottest hot hatch (if you ignore post-production line fettled models such as the Subaru Impreza Cosworth), powered by the most powerful regular production 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine in existence.

The idea is to get younger buyers into AMG models with smaller and more affordable cars, but still cars with the full AMG engineering package behind them.

But with the A45 at the core of plans to double sales over the next few years, will AMG be able to maintain its exclusivity? The performance offshoot is famed for things such as putting hand-signed plaques on its engines as part of its one engine, one engineer policy, but whether exclusive touches like this that appeal so greatly to the allure of AMG remain with the radically increased volumes will be a test.

Exclusivity, for very different reasons, is a word that comes to mind with the Kia Cee'd GT at the other end of the performance scale.

The model is Kia's first performance offering and, alongside the new Provo concept, is one of the first models designed for Kia to break free of its staple traits of being a rationale, good value purchase. For Kia to become a bit more exclusive, in other words.

Can it achieve it? Appealing to the enthusiast buyer with a well respected and credible performance offering is a different kind of ask to cracking the mass market, but no less of a challenge.

But, with Kia's recent track record and where they look to be taking the GT with a focus on chassis tuning rather than outright power, it might not be a wise move to bet against them.