I’m not sure what I did at 2.30am before the Internet was invented, but the other day I stumbled across the Local Transport Bill, which the government had just published. Just a couple of clicks and it was downloaded.

At first glance, this what you see:

"Traffic areas (1) Section 3 of the PPVA 1981 (traffic areas) is amended as follows. (2) After subsection (2) (orders varying traffic areas) insert— “(2A) The power to make an order under subsection…"

So you have to persevere to see what legislative land mines for motorists are buried in the 125 pages of text.

It seems the government wants to create Integrated Transport Authorities (ITAs) all across England (it’s amazing how much of this proposed legislation doesn’t cover Scotland and Wales). They will replace Passenger Transport Authorities. There are six PTAs already, including Greater Manchester and the West Midlands, and they oversee public transport. The government also wants to see the new ITAs spread more widely across the rest of the country.