When I spoke with Carsten Priest, aka Mr M, on the launch of the new BMW M5 last year, he told me a fair bit about the forthcoming M6.

And I got the impression at the time that, if anything, he was even more proud of the work his team had performed on the coupe (than the saloon) because they’d had a bit more freedom to let rip.

'Because it’s a coupe, it will naturally appeal to a more sporting audience, which is why we’ve gone maybe 10-15 per cent further with the tuning of the dynamic performance,' said Herr Priest of the M6 last October.

Yet the one thing his team won’t have been able to do much about is the fundamental weight of the car. And for the average M-car engineer, weight is the ultimate dilemma nowadays, especially when it comes to the current 5/6-series platform (beneath the skin they are the same car) which is almost 150kg heavier than before.