A friend of mine at Lamborghini let slip recently that the name of the new V12 car – the Murcielago replacement, which was due to be unveiled at Paris this week but which will now premiere at Geneva next year – will be named after a famous Spanish bull.

So I started thinking; how many famous Spanish bulls could there actually be? And how could I find out what all their names are?

So I went to the local library and started reading. Turns out that Ferrucio Lamborghini was a Taurus by birth and named his first car, the Miura, after a ranch on which some of Spain’s most successful fighting bulls were bred. Since then, of course, Lamborghini has produced all sorts of cars with all sorts of names – Countach, Jalpa, Espada, Diablo – not all of which have been named after Spanish bulls (witness the not especially Hispanic-sounding LM002). But what HAS been consistent is the naming of Lamborghinis since Audi took charge, since when all he production cars have indeed been named after famous Spanish bulls.

Did you know, for instance, that Murcielago was the name of a bull that survived 24 sword strikes against the matador Rafael “El Lagarito” in 1979 in Cordoba? Or that Gallardo is the name of a bull whose bloodline provides the foundation breed for virtually all of Spain’s fighting bulls? Or that a bull called Reventon killed the revered Mexican bullfighter Felix Guzman in Mexico in 1943?

Anyroad, I then took a punt and restricted my search to names that end in the letter O, thinking that this is probably what Lamborghini might also have done given its recent history. I came up with various names.

There was Confitero, who survived an epic fight in Valencia in 1877; Aborrecido, who took two horses and five pics with him in San Sebastian in 1886; Cabatisto, who killed the famous matador Monolo Montoliu in the ring in 1992; Avioncito (which rather tantalisingly means little aeroplane) who killed Ramon Soto Vargas, again in 1992; and my favourite – Avispado – who killed his Matador in gruesome and historic fashion during the last century, and has THE perfect name for a new Lamborghini.

So my guess is that it’s Avispado. And even if I’m wrong, you’ve got to admit; Lamborghini Avispado LP700 does have a certain kind of ring to it. Unless, of course, any one else out there knows of any other names of famous Spanish bulls, in which case feel free to share your knowledge with the rest of us.