A friend of mine at Lamborghini let slip recently that the name of the new V12 car – the Murcielago replacement, which was due to be unveiled at Paris this week but which will now premiere at Geneva next year – will be named after a famous Spanish bull.

So I started thinking; how many famous Spanish bulls could there actually be? And how could I find out what all their names are?

So I went to the local library and started reading. Turns out that Ferrucio Lamborghini was a Taurus by birth and named his first car, the Miura, after a ranch on which some of Spain’s most successful fighting bulls were bred. Since then, of course, Lamborghini has produced all sorts of cars with all sorts of names – Countach, Jalpa, Espada, Diablo – not all of which have been named after Spanish bulls (witness the not especially Hispanic-sounding LM002). But what HAS been consistent is the naming of Lamborghinis since Audi took charge, since when all he production cars have indeed been named after famous Spanish bulls.