My inner rage has been building for many months now and it may well have been the point at which I read, "Vauxhall Motors announces Katie Melua as brand ambassador".

Also, did I really want to know that actor and dancer Tom Chambers has taken delivery of a Fiat 500 Twin Air?

Audi is particularly guilty of throwing celebrities at their vehicles and just the other week opened a great big showroom in Northern Ireland and that meant Patrick Kielty (comedian?), Dennis Irwin (footballer?) and Sophie Ellis-Bextor (singer?) as well as others who needed even more explanation as to who they might be, were there.

Then I noticed Paul Weller had designed a Mini the other day. Well, it will be auctioned for charity and I can forgive Weller almost anything (even The Style Coucil and The Red Wedge tour) but he’s flogging a car when I’d rather see him bashing away at his Gibson SG and seemingly being irritated by everything and everyone.

Before all sorts of 'brand managers' and marketing wonks join the debate, I do completely understand how celebrity endorsement works and how it draws the attention of those who normally would not look twice at a car. Indeed, I’ve fallen right into their trap right here. I just find it all very depressing. Depressing that Posh Spice is in any way involved in the design of a Land Rover.

It gets even worse because as well as Victoria (and I have to quote, the company), Land Rover has “recruited 40 influential names from 10 cities, working in fashion, design, music and film who will collaborate with Range Rover over the next 12 months to launch the highly anticipated Range Rover Evoque. Each of the influencers has been recruited to participate in the Pulse of the City project where their journeys will be tracked around their favorite cities to create a living interactive guide to the urban spaces they call home".

And just in case you wondered they are Henry Holland – fashion designer, Dylan Jones – editor of GQ, Ben Shepherd – presenter and George Lamb – TV personality. God help us.

If we must have celebrities flogging cars, Katie Melua is not James Hunt in a Chevette...