It’s not every day that a car gets launched in Tokyo, London and Los Angeles, but that’s what happened yesterday with Nissan’s new-look Cube.

Nunn Blog In the morning the covers came off in Tokyo at a spectacular launch party high on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills, one of the city’s smartest venues.

Next, London, and a bit of curtain-twitching at the Nissan Design Europe studio in Paddington. Then finally, as the world turned, it was the turn of the US, with the Cube getting a third coming-out party at the LA Show.

The new Cube is going to be a global model, hence the three-city blitz, something that’s never been tried before.

The first-generation model became a cult success, and so Nissan has decided to broaden the new model’s appeal while sticking closely to the same script, complete with iconic box shape, wacky asymmetric back door and Jacuzzi-styled interior.

Nissan even describes the Cube’s back seat – at least in Japan – as a ‘wavy love sofa.’

Nunn Blog1Finally, spare a thought for Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura who came up with the genius idea of doing two of the Cube launches – Tokyo and LA – both on the same day.

Older readers might remember Genesis drummer Phil Collins flying between London and the US on Concorde so he could play both UK and US versions of Live Aid on the same day back in 1985.

Sad to say, the lack of a Concorde and the effects of the international date line meant that Nissan couldn’t quite make the flights work, so Shiro’s idea didn’t take off. But you can be sure the new Cube will.