Do you want to know how to put a smile on a teenager’s face? Teach ‘em to drive.

I know this because I took the youngest Ruppert to Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent the other day. The Seat Young Driver programme does not take place in the shopping aisles obviously but in a designated Young Driver Zone.

When we went there were cones to drive round, but once the weather gets better, proper road markings will make the former coach park look even more like a suburban driving school rat run.

All the children need to be is more than 1,5 metres (4’11”) tall and aged between 11 and 16. They then get one to one tuition in a dual control Seat.

Watching the youngsters get behind the wheel for the first time is slightly worrying as you might expect them to stall, kangaroo and generally rev the little Ibiza into oblivion, but not a bit of it.

They concentrate and move deliberately around the course, listening intently to what they are told. In complete contrast to the way many so-called grown-ups deal with the challenge of driving.