A relation of mine called up the other day, wanting to know what the Peugeot 107 is like to drive. “Why?” I replied, presuming that there was some logical explanation as to why someone with a small fleet of extremely interesting cars might be interested in a machine like a 107.

“Because according to your magazine there’s an outfit in north London that’s knocking £3000 off the price,” he said. “And if I’m honest, I’ve always quite liked the way they look.”

I told him that it was a perky little thing to drive but not exactly a car for all seasons, or one into whose boot you can squeeze anything larger than a sheet of A4 paper – at which point he seemed to lose interest and we started talking about something else.

The next week however (this week, in fact) I went on holiday and hired the cheapest car in the brochure, as you do – which turned out, by some weird twist on coincidence, to be a Toyota Aygo. Even the bloke behind the rental desk asked, through a cheeky smirk, if I intended to drive up any steep hills “because you might want to think about an upgrade if this is the case.”