Now that the snow Dalek we made in the front garden is starting to collapse, all debates about winter tyres and the merits of four/front/rear-wheel drive can be forgotten for another year.

Meanwhile, I am getting fascinating reliability data from all over the world, covering mileages and failure rates. All will be revealed in the coming weeks probably, but I do seem to recall that earlier this week Renault didn’t do very well in that controversial VOSA MOT failure list.

Was that Renault, or down to the fact that people that owned Renaults failed to live up to the high standards we expect?

Either way, don’t panic, because Renault are poised to save our world.

I know this because of their epic TV advert, which promises to make an EV for us all. It is one of the most irritating, sanctimonious, PC, bleeding heart liberal, Guardianista type car ads ever conceived. It is clearly aimed at people who don’t actually like cars much (which, funnily enough, ties in with those VOSA statistics…)

So, they are promising a Renault EV for everyone by next year. It doesn’t inspire me very much and I am someone who would quite like to run my car on potato peelings. My problem is that electric cars can’t be the answer so long as we have to plug them into the national grid.