For reasons that you don’t have to endure just yet, I have been rather fascinated by the sort of cars that footballers have owned.

Managers less so. They always seem to prefer the big saloons favoured by pub landlords and me. When I did write something about managers though, I entitled it the ‘Special Ones’ after José Mourinho. He said he was the ‘Special One’ so it must be true.

He is quoted as saying: “I don’t have a taste for having ten cars.” However, he has had some pretty decent ones during his time in management. Sometimes it has been related to promotional deals. That explains the Audi A7 he had when at Real Madrid. Also at Inter Milan a BMW X6 was part of his management deal with the club.

Not only that, this handsome chap modelled some clothes for the Porsche collection and got a 911 as part of the deal. Mourinho also went out and bought himself an Aston Martin Rapide and Mercedes S500 when at Chelsea the first time around and also a Ferrari F599 when at Milan.

Now it seems as though he may have just the one, with his name on the bonnet. No really. Apparently the Mourinho Supercar (well it would have to be a supercar) is being built by Raff House in partnership with the German car-tuning firm Mansory. According to the PR boat hooks that accompanied this announcement, Mansory had to revisit its entire experience in extensive tuning and come up with unique technologies.