Some rather odd punctuation, stray capital letters and tongue-twisting pronunciation have been creeping into car names in the past few weeks, months and years. Enough to cause a few debates on the Autocar subs desk.

First, Mini and Skoda decided to call themselves MINI and SKODA as if you’re shouting. Then we had the Kia Cee’d and pro_cee’d. Cars like the Alfa MiTo came along next, and then the rise of the eco subsidiaries (BlueMotion, BlueEfficiency etc) saw rogue capital letters pop up all over the place.

Pronunciation wise, we’ve had the Pagani Huayayyara and Eterniti Hemerrearea (phonetic spelling, of course) in the past year. It’s not just new cars; I know someone who hasn’t even mastered the word Qashqai yet.

Then we came to the Frankfurt motor show and the rise of the exclamation mark! Which became quite annoying after a while!

The Mercedes F125 is officially the Mercedes F125! and the firm’s latest strap line is ‘125! years of innovation’. It’s almost as if they can’t believe it themselves.

Then we came to the Volkswagen and the new Up. Sorry, the new up! It was accompanied by six new concepts - buggy up!, up! azzurra, cross up!, GT up!, eco up! and e-up! Try typing that without Microsoft Word’s auto-correct system intervening.

So, car makers, please can we make sure all future models start with a capital letter, then go to lower case, resisting the urge for an extra piece of punctuation at the end? I’m not sure the world is ready for the Mercedes-Benz C-class C250 125! InnoVaTion editioN?!