How excited are you at the prospect of Bowler and Land Rover getting together officially?

It’s comforting to have the £145k or £155k you are going to spend officially sanctioned by the factory. It's a nice thought as you cross the Nambian desert at full tilt or, more realistically, pick up the groceries in your orange off-roader.

Now I know how branding works, and especially adding value. I notice that Overfinch has a suitably expensive range of super-duper Range Rovers and that’s great. But how about a despecified Landie? I could go along the production line and take out all the superfluous nonsense that passes for essential kit.

In fact, let's just not defrock the Defender, but the Range Rover too. Bring back the blanked-out window Commercials, those lovely rubber matted three-door originals.

JLR wouldn't like it, dealers would struggle to sell them, but I think it would do us all good not to have 'electric anything' and go back to mechanical basics. Land Rover is the brand to do it.

Dial out those dual mass flywheels. Bring in sliding windows. Steel wheels. Hand-operated wipers anyone? A dose of L-spec brings true motoring back to the masses. How far is too far?