Now may not be the time to speculate on what has gone wrong at our favourite plastic car maker.

As a local I know its all been going chassis up for the last few years, due to former and current employees who send me amusing, if depressing, emails.

Jobs and livelihoods are at stake, but as mismanagement of a brand goes it has been spectacular in my view.

Now you’d buy a brand new Lotus to be different rather than clever. You would buy a used one because it will be fun to drive and involving to own.

So here’s a simple question: what used Lotus will you buy with your own money?

All the classics are a given: original Elans, Sevens, Elites. The 1970s stuff looks great and is less bother than a Ferrari to look after, and a cramped, sweaty, brown velour upholstered Esprit Turbo would be fun.

Of course you wouldn’t be silly enough to buy a V8 Esprit, but apart from an Elise, what else would you buy?