Would you…

Triple the road tax charges for anyone who drives a BMW X6?

Increase the speed limit on dry UK motorways to 90mph, and on dry dual carriageways to 80mph?

Introduce variable speed limits on all motorways and dual carriageways, using existing technology to fine people (heavily) who ignore those limits when it’s raining, or in fog, or whenever visibility is poor?

Resurface all our main roads so that they’re really nice and smooth – just like those you find in southern Spain (most of which have been paid for by us anyway)?

Instigate a complete overhaul of the driving test – to include not just motorway and night-time driving but also a tiered privilege system that prevents uber-wealthy 18-year-olds from jumping into 500bhp Merc AMGs the day after they’ve passed their test?

Introduce ‘free space’ road designs nationwide, thereby ridding our towns and cities of the aimless street furniture with which we are, in fact, perfectly capable of existing without?

Ban all HGVs from using UK motorways between the hours of 6am-8pm, leaving the roads free to the lorries at night, and less cluttered for us car drivers during the day?

Because if you don’t agree with at least one or two of the suggestions above, you may not get a place in my ministry. Unless, of course, you had some decent ideas of your own, in which case feel free to express them right here.