So if you were given one hour at the wheel of any car you liked, and you could drive it on any stretch of road you desired, what car would it be and where would you drive it?

Would it be 15 laps of Le Mans in a Gulf-coloured Porsche 917 – at night? Maybe you’d go for one last blast across the Yorkshire moors in a Lancia Delta Integrale? Or perhaps one lap of the M25 in a Dauer 962 might be more your kind of thing…

Alternatively, how about two stages of the Monte Carlo Rally in Walter Rohrl’s Group B Audi Quattro? Or 20 laps at Spa in this year’s McLaren MP4-27 F1 car (not that you’d last so much as three laps before your neck muscles withered and then just gave up).

Maybe you’re more of a romantic and would prefer merely to spend one more hour behind the wheel of your very first car, on the road you first got bitten by the bug? Or perhaps it’s none of the above but something even more extreme, and rather less predictable, in which case don’t be shy.