Summer. I’d forgotten just how wonderful it is for us drivers. I especially enjoy it in the Land Rover. Window slid open. Arm stuck out in the elements.

Airborne insects coming to a full splattering stop on the upright post box windscreen. If only it wasn’t stuck at the MOT station with a fail list that runs to two pages. Never mind, there is the air conditioning and leather clad comfort of Shed 7, officially known as my £500 BMW 7-series, of course.

So I just wondered what you were going to be up to in the sun this weekend? Polishing your pride and joy. Going for a drive in the countryside. Entering a concours, or a race of some sort?

Whatever you are doing it will be better in the sun. It brings back great memories of superheated 1960s and ‘70s cars, all red hot metal and the underlying aroma of slowly melting Airfix Kit grade plastic.

Oh yes and just what is your favourite summer transport? MGB, MX5, or anything with the window open or with fully gassed air con?