An interesting and suitably bonkers email popped in to the Autocar inbox this morning, one that we think most car enthusiasts will appreciate.

The email – enigmatically signed 'RU BRZ' and seemingly written by one of Subaru's svelte new coupés – refers to editor Jim Holder's mention of the UK's first Subaru BRZ - the sister car to the Toyota GT86 - being delivered to its owner, Ed Horner, in a previous issue.

Dear Jim,

I'm a Subaru BRZ and I've recently been delivered in the UK, perhaps the second BRZ to be delivered after Ed Horner's. Ed's BRZ and I were probably on the same boat. We passed the Mediterranean, and arrived in rainy England.

No hanging about – I've been off to Scotland, where I caused a bit of a stir amongst the locals during their lunch break!

In the attached pictures I am visiting John O' Groats, and Ardvreck Castle, on the shores of Loch Assynt, on Scotland's west coast. We stayed at Inchnadamph, where there's a lodge that used to be home to Lord Rootes, of the Rootes Car Company.

It's not rained there for a couple of months, until yesterday...

Now I'm back in Surrey, resting for a while. Hello to those who recognised me on the M6 yesterday evening, in particular to those in the blue Peugeot who kept taking photos!


Clearly the email is the work of a passionate – and very happy – owner of a BRZ, and it is good to see that a brand new car has been put through its paces on a proper road trip, rather than spending most of its time mired in traffic in south east England.

So over to you – does anyone else have any madcap road trip stories to recount? Or a car that can a) talk or b) write emails, for that matter?