Not necessarily, no. We’ve all encountered ‘constant 41mph man’ at some point in our motoring lives. And most of us who care about the way we drive will have got a little warm beneath the collar when we did.

But the real trouble with constant 41mph man is that he thinks – correction, he’s convinced – that he’s the safest driver on the road, anywhere, because he does 41mph. Everywhere.


What constant 41mph man fails to realise, however, is that he causes normal people to do deeply irrational things when they encounter him on then open road. Yet in areas where 41mph is at least 15mph too much – outside schools or along busy urban roads, for example – constant 41mph man will continue to do just that. And be blissfully unaware of the potential carnage that’s left trailing in his wake.

And the other thing about constant 41mph man that sends you completely and utterly round the twist, is that he hasn’t has an accident since 1962 (when he suffered a puncture when travelling at 41mph, and failed to maintain control of his new Rover P4 as it wobbled towards the undergrowth at the side of the B715). This is why, despite the crazed frustration that constant 41mph man incites in every other road user he encounters, this man (and he’s always a man, let’s face it) has a clean license and an even cleaner conscience – and tells anyone who will listen to him that he is, indeed, one of the safest drivers he knows.