Any ‘best of…’ list tends to skew results towards the latter end of its timescale, and I have to plead to being particularly guilty in this case.

The Skoda Superb Estate has barely gone on sale, yet I’m sitting here proclaiming it the car of the decade after only a short test drive in a left-hand drive version.

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I’m absolutely confident that time and perspective isn’t going to trample on my choice, though, simply because the strengths that make it stand out for me are set to remain strong well into the next decade – and cement Skoda’s transformation from budget brand to latter day Volvo in the process.

Everyone knows the Superb is big, but it’s not the (enormous) front or boot space that really brings this home to you. Instead, it’s only when you climb from the front seat into the back that you realise just how much room there is.

For a tall person who grew up having to do a passing impression of a contortionist every time he got in the back of a car, the opportunity to stretch out is a joy. In fact, in the VW Group’s range only the long wheelbase A8 has more room.